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Building your First Chicken Coop 

Walking through the Farm Store you pass by a tub full of cute little chickens and the kids begin pester you!! You wander over and pick up the spring fertilizers and garden supplies for the year all the time unable to tune out the kids screaming “PLEASE”! So you break down and enter the growing market of being a backyard flock owner. Know that you are not alone as the latest data suggests that the number of households in our great country that own a backyard flock is fast approaching 6 million. Now that the kids have won, the next step is to pick the coop that will work for you. Choosing a coop can be confusing because there are many types on the market. I always suggest grabbing a store clerk because many of the big and small Farm and Fleet stores employ some truly amazing and knowledgeable people; one may even turn out to be a neighbor! I personally LOVE our Extreme Walk-In Coop as it makes raising your new backyard flock so easy. It has great indoor space for sheltering your flock combined with oversized nesting boxes and our Free Range Door which makes it easy for your birds to exit and enter the coop and allows you to easily add on an extended pen. It’s an amazing coop and it is large enough to accommodate your growing backyard flock. Simply put, our Extreme Walk-In Hen Coop will make it easy to raise a healthy and happy flock!

Once getting the coop home, choose a part of the yard where your family can easily access the coop. Even though all of our coops create shelter from the sun I recommend a part of the yard that gets part sun and part natural shade during the day. I personally have built each of our coops by myself, so most of our coops can be built by one person. But I always recommend building your coop together as a family project. It helps to have an extra set of hands and eyes, and it will go quicker and get everyone involved in caring for the new flock right from the start. A family that builds a coop together stays together! (Plus, it can be loads of FUN)!! Make sure that you have plenty of time to build your new coop as rushing will only lead to mistakes. Most of our coops are under 15 steps and take about an hour to fully assemble; or up to an hour and a half for some of the more complex coops. Start by unpacking the coop completely making sure to carefully unpack all the pieces. All of Innovation Pet’s coops come with extra packing materials to protect the coop during the shipping process, so go through the entire box (or boxes for the larger coops) to make sure that you have removed all pieces. Make sure to follow the directions exactly!! Our craftsmen put together our directions and put them in an order to create the easiest path for assembling the coops in the shortest time. Pay attention to the small details in the directions and pictures as they will guide you through an easy and quick setup process.

Getting a new backyard flock is an amazing experience for the entire family. As you go through the process of getting your new flock, please feel free to reach out to Innovation Pet with any questions or for recommendations on any part of the process from choosing the right type of flock for your family to getting help building your new coop.

Thanks and Enjoy!




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