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Coops & Feathers™ Hen Coop 78"l x 30"w x 41"h Item #220-50

Coops & Feathers™ Hen Coop 78"l x 30"w x 41"h Item #220-50

$ 269.99

 Limited Quantity 

Coops & Feathers Hen Coop. All Coops & Feathers chicken coops are made of high quality materials made to last. A perfect home for your flock. This Large Hen Coop features a large backyard area on the bottom level for the flock to roam around and exercise. This Coop has a shaded area on the bottom level underneath the roosting box to help your chickens keep cool on those hot days. There is a free range door to allow your chickens to roam free as they wish, and is closeable when it is time for the flock to get back in the Coop. On the second floor, your flock will find the nesting and roosting box. In this area you will find two roosting bars as well as separated nesting bays. There is easy access to the roosting & nesting box from outside of the coop, the roof above the nesting area lifts up for easy access to eggs, as well as a small door that leads to the roosting bars. Cleaning tray pulls out from underneath the roosting area on the second level from outside the Coop, which makes for easy cleaning. Coop measures 3’5” high x 6’6” wide x 2’6” deep

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