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Healthy Hen™ Mineral Grit 52.9oz Bag (SKU 650-15)

Healthy Hen™ Mineral Grit 52.9oz Bag (SKU 650-15)

$ 7.99

Healthy Hen™ Mineral Grit Poultry Treat has 17 trace elements that enhance eggshell quality.  So, say goodbye to cracked eggs! This treat acts as a digestive aid which helps to break down food.  It is easy for the chickens to eat as the crumbs are sizeable enough to peck and has a great vanilla scent.  This supplemental treat t is great for chicks at the egg laying stage. You can feed unlimited amounts per bird 3-5 times per week, separately from food.  It is all natural and does not contain any preservatives. 52.9oz Bag. Carbonated algae lime, Carbonated shell lime, calcium carbonate, quartz, red stone, vegetable coal.

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